Saya begitu sedih melihat blog saya ini...ini adalah kemalasan!!!
berikan tepukan kepada SI MALAS *clap2x*...

nnti la sy update...tunggu rajen sket...

Around Shah Alam, 22/01/2008, 6-8AM

Gunung Ledang, Tangkak, Johor

Somewhere near the Red Building

Jonker Walk

Back in Shah Alam

How should I call it?? Superb? Well, it goes much more than superb for our trip in Melaka. Everybody was filled with full excitement. Though we went through exhausting day yesterday, but the flushing red color appeared on every faces proved that it was really a happy moment for everyone involved.

Please view the picture at my Flickr! account as Blogspot limits the size of pictures I uploaded.

Melaka, here I come

Today, I'm heading to Melaka by 10AM. In my pursuit of experimenting myself with different settings and playing with the combinations of ISO quality, shutter speed and aperture control, I really hope Melaka can be the best place for me. Hope everything goes as planned, and every single piece of the historic city can be captured nicely. I will be back on Sunday, and hope to upload the picture by Monday. See you!